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How We Steal The Heart of Customers

Recently I was invited for a pre-wedding for a long time couple friends who had a wedding in three months. They were looking for something different for their wedding ring that would also mark the bride's birthday (we will get to that in a minute) and I was like hey, I know a guy who knows some guys from top tanzanite who are connoisseurs in a very rare bluish violet gemstone that can go well with the theme of your wedding. It took the time to settle for the tanzanite but at the end of the day, I'm glad they settled for it.

Tanzanite is a gem from a mineral zoisite that derives its name from where it was first discovered, Tanzania. The gem was popularized by Tiffanys and company who discovered it in the 1960s and it’s only one of four blue gemstones consisting of aquamarine, topaz, and sapphire. It is regarded as a 20th-century gemstone and the last birthstone of December since 1912. It may not be as hard as sapphire with which it shares its violet-blue color but it is really a beautiful gem especially with its salient feature; trichroism meaning when viewed under different lighting conditions, it displays a color depth from vivid blue to violetish blue when viewed from different angles which can be really appealing when shopping for a gemstone with an added advantage of occurring naturally as compared to sapphire which can be industrially manufactured.

Although tanzanite is quite rare to find which also makes it unique to own, its also a budget option in terms of price depending on the size of the stone. Prices can range from $200 to $5000 which can also depend on the accompanying metal and if its coated for protection with zinc or not making it a very attractive option for couples on a budget who also want a gem that can stand out. For the price, the color is amazing.

If you are in the market for your next wedding ring and you are on a budget, settling for tanzanite wedding rings is easy, its beautiful blue color is stunning. The quality and price thereof of the gem depend on the cobalt coating that improves its color, though here in the US are disclosed at the point of sale, color saturation which depends on the level of vanadium in the zeolite ore and the heat level the ore has been subjected to, carat weight which ranges from 5 to 50 carats with the higher value being rare, size; the larger the stone the higher the color saturation and color stability

buy tanzanite rings

With such a beauty also comes a price. It is worth noting that with a hardness of around 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale, Tanzanite Rings  is not a hard material and can be prone to abrasion sudden temperature change and impact and therefore should be handled with a lot of care. If you're in the market for something different, something unique and beautiful or you want a gemstone that can retain its color over time and want value for money on your next wedding then tanzanite is your next. 

where to buy tanzanite in dar es salaam

So how do you get your hands on this gem for your next wedding? There are several sites you can buy from but I highly recommend because of the trust they have built, I have recommended two friends who are satisfied with their customer service, their user reviews are also amazing, they ship for free and if you’re lucky you can score a good deal in their deal of the day section. You can check out more here.

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Tanzanite Ring - A precious Gemstones Ring

The tanzanite ring come in various vibrant hues of blues and violets ranging from intense to a very pale baby color making them highly unique and very visible in your hands. Although diamonds are usually associated with fashion, tanzanite has come to be in vogue for its everlasting beauty and charm. Such inherent characteristics of the stone cascade on to the ring in your finger making it a visual treat for any jewelry lover.

Tanzanite Ring

The most popular jewelry items that are made out of the Tanzanite gemstone are the tanzanite rings. Imagine yourself wearing a ring that is made of a gemstone that is found only in one place in the entire world! Such an exquisite piece of jewelry is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

The tanzanite rings pump up your dressing style and take it to an all-new level. They augment the chic quotient of your otherwise normal attire by mixing high-end styling with traditional fashion. When you wear this ring, you present yourself in the most elegant way possible to the outside world by redefining your style phenomena.

Due to the exclusivity and rarity of the tanzanite gem, tanzanite rings have gained tremendous reverence and demand over other items made from even popular gemstones like the diamond. One such ring on your finger is a mark of respect and an expression of true beauty associated with your heart and nature.

When you buy the ring from a reputed and a trusted seller like, you get peace of mind in addition to a lot of goodies and offers. Go ahead and buy a tanzanite ring. There is no doubt that it will become your new best friend.

Tanzanite Rings:- Excellent First Gift To Your Partner

A majestic gemstone known as Tanzanite is basically a trade name of the mineral Zoisite which is blue colored. It was named ‘Tanzanite’ by Tiffany and company to stimulate interest in it through the name. Tanzanite has become the new eye catcher in the world of gemstones and inching towards new height. They were first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania; since then it was out to be sold and priced relatively high because of its mesmerizing hues and change in the amazing color effect. The name Tanzanite is derived only because tanzanite is commercially deposited in the north of Tanzania.

Since 1960’s Tanzanite has become the second most popular blue gemstone after sapphire.It is also popularly known by some of the alternate names like Gem Zoisite, Blue-Purple Zoisite, and the most highlighting name is the ‘stone of magic’. It is known as the stone of magic as it is helpful with the spiritual awareness and psychic insight. This stone is also believed to help you calm down and relaxing any work pressure or stress you are going through and, therefore, is also known as ‘workaholic’s stone’.

Our website offers the most incredible assortment of loose and stone jewelry with shapely cut tanzanite to you. The gem works brilliantly with the different types of jewelry you wish to have. It is immensely suited for ear rings, pendants and many other pieces of jewelry would love to carry. The newest exclusive designs available online with us have charismatic appeal. We offer not only the best quality and stylish arrangements but we ensure that your satisfaction level is boosted when you decide to buy from us.

Tanzanite rings are the most popular piece of jewel which you would love to flaunt on special occasions. It is the piece of a ring that is not meant for daily aspect but for those royal moments, you wish to cherish. offers the best tanzanite rings which are well crafted and present to you with heirloom designs, all different from others. We are the company who offers the most authentic gemstones, jewelry, and tanzanite rings. When you buy tanzanite jewelry from us, you are not only getting a peace of mind but value for money you spend. Our tanzanite rings come embedded with different shade tanzanite, colors range from pastel blue and purple going to violet blue.

Gemstones are crafted by experts which showcase the brilliant artwork in our creations. We create and provide you with the best of classic and royal styles which will never fade for life. Whenever you wear our jewelry, all eyes will be glued to it. Few of the most popular rings we have are like:

·      Starburst Tanzanite & Diamond Cluster Ring which is an extensively popular piece of the ring which showcases a velvety look with pastel blue color on it studded with diamonds around the gem. 
·           78ct Round Tanzanite Ring With .208ctw Diamonds in 14k Rose Gold: It is a pure tanzanite solitaire with four claws known as princess cut with soft pastel blue with a pinch of violet.
·         Premier 7.37 ct Cushion Cut Tanzanite “Sophia Ring”: This ring is a show stopper with its deep blue and violet stone which has a cushion cut studded with two diamonds. A must have the ring for those who love gems.

We also have a wide collection of engagement rings which are vintage and classy at the same time. With different cuts like emerald, round, cushion and heart-shaped tanzanite ring we also offer this rings which make the ring more beautiful with white gold, gold, and diamonds to make your engagement ring most happening. Each of these will take you into a dream getaway. At, we offer rings like Claudine, bride, Edita, Tangerine, Henna and much more with the best price and deals you can imagine of.

Simple yet elegant tanzanite wedding rings collection is indeed a great choice. We at very well know that this is the day with most special moments which is meant to be cherished for life and thus with the classic and royal collection of wedding rings we offer you the best piece for the D-day. Rings with diamonds, covered with platinum used to be the most popular search until tanzanite wedding rings hit the racks. We have Quintessence ring, Slim nine gem bands, Heartbeat band and very popular and in demand Atlantis eternity band. All the wedding rings are bearishly crafted and only specially designed for this occasion.

Coming to the tanzanite jewelry the collection is as mesmerizing as the rings section offers. We have this bundle of joy studded in necklaces, pendants, ear rings, studs, single stones, bracelet and even rings of many kinds for occasions like engagement rings and wedding rings. We provide tanzanite jewelry which is sterling piece of art by our expert craftsmen with exceptional designing. The elegance of tanzanite compliments the excellence of workmanship involved and vice versa. ensures amazing deals on innumerable varieties of tanzanite gemstone. You can choose from different sizes, colors and qualities completely natural tanzanite. We also are there to help you with the buying guide of the gemstone to help in your selection. The genuine refunds and exchange policy offers to relish your buying with toptanzanite.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Why to Choose Tanzanite Rings Over Diamond Rings

Tanzanite Rings

Joviality has a new definition these days, rarest & very unique are in priority. Each one needs to be a little different & mark own identity in an endless crowd. So with changing phase of trend, jewel also needs be amended, here with Tanzanite’s beauty be distinguished from those ordinary wears.
Diamond has a very stylish approach & is available in vastness throughout the world, but on the contrary Tanzanite is very rarest, has a very unique hue, found only at a single place. Well this is not the single reason to buy this majestic gem, it is significant that Tanzanite has gained a tremendous demand in gem’s world in no time. All the major dealers of gem are peeping into Tanzanite circulations & are keen in investing due to its raising demand all over the quality lovers. Foothills of Kilimanjaro has got the ultimate treasure of this planet, the discovery of Tanzanite has made this excavation a happening place for gemology. The unmatched beauty of mauve-bluish gem has fascinated the jewel market.
Moreover the Tanzanite has been recognized as an ultimate discovery & declared to be December Birthstone in less than 50 years. For any gemstone this is very short interlude to reach the pinnacle of popularity, not even Diamond did that. One can be confident while buying the Tanzanite Rings over Diamond & proving the classy taste of jewels. We at provide you the best excavations with variety of Tanzanite Rings. The rarest gem of planet needs an extra care while grooming it to the final shape & form, & thus we assure the best at an affordable price.
For those special moments which will not repeat themselves in this life, Tanzanite Ring is the best choice for you. Express the amazing feeling of love in a regal way.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tanzanite Foundation closing in NYC

The New York City–based Tanzanite Foundation will cease operations on Aug. 31.

Tanzanite Foundation executive director Hayley Henning confirmed to JCK this week that the 11-year-old promotional agency for tanzanite will close at the end of August.

Formed by miner TanzaniteOne, the nonprofit foundation has served all ethical and socially responsible operators and partners in the tanzanite industry, helping to implement standardized methods of practice and conduct and deliver ethically sourced stones to market.

The decision to close was based on economics—tanzanite’s prices have been at all-time lows—as well as poor production, repeated problems with illegal miners and theft, and other factors.

 “The Tanzanite Foundation was a pioneer in the gem industry by being the first colored gemstone specific marketing agency, encouraging more designers to work with tanzanite,” explains Henning, who has served the agency for seven years.

“Tanzanite is one of the world’s most precious and exotic gems, and despite being a small operation, I’m proud of our accomplishments—not only in promoting tanzanite, but in the social responsibility arena where we’ve made a huge difference to the lives of the local community outside the tanzanite mining area.

” The Tanzanite Foundation has aided countless Tanzanians by raising money to build two schools, an orphanage, and a clinic, as well as providing job opportunities.

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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Accelerate your beauty with tanzanite stone jewelry

tanzanite stone

Market trends and consumer inclinations both point towards the same conclusion – colored stones are back in the game and are giving steady competition to the much loved diamonds. What’s more? Even the so-called precious colored gems – sapphires, rubies and emeralds – are now facing stiff competition from other colored quartz’, topaz, peridots etc. Fashion jewelry calls for a constant change and dynamism in style and appearance and that is what it is getting from the wide variety of crystals now available in the market.

On the top of this gradually changing trend is the tanzanite gemstone. Exhibiting astounding beauty in color and clarity, tanzanites are amongst the rarest stones in the world. After its recent advent into the gemstone market, tanzanite has made itself a place in both statement and daily wear jewels, with a rapid entry in the fashion jewel lines of jewel stores and designers.

In the top two most loved colored gems in all of the United States of America, tanzanite jewelry is just what every woman’s wardrobe needs to accelerate her appearance and style! Not only is it a hue of such royal blue which is unmatched in the other gems available, but it also displays flashes of violet and crimson because of its pleochroic properties – all of this at surprisingly reasonable prices when compared to sapphires.

You name it and tanzanite jewelry has entered jewel displays as a part of that jewel category – studs, drop earrings, chandeliers, rings, pendants, tennis bracelets and more! Fashion with tanzanite is a part of every latest trend.
Stud earrings and rings are at the top of the graph, with the oval cut tanzanite featuring in both equally. As a rough stone tanzanite isn’t available in large sizes so it happens to work better in jewels that require smaller carat gems. Tanzanite studs can be carried off by everyone, they work charmingly in every occasion and are both minimalist and classy.

tanzanite ring

Tanzanite rings are not only a part of the daily wear sections of displays – no, they have flooded to the wedding jewel categories as well! Every bride wants to be the center of attention on her wedding day in the most unique and striking way possible. What is better than giving her that combination of chic style and glamor through her wedding band itself! Blue gems encrusted in an eternity wedding band symbolizesperpetual love, new beginnings and with all this they can be worn on your finger for the rest of your life without you worrying about if they match your outfits! That’s the beauty of tanzanite blue – it flatters and enhances every ensemble without coming in the way.

Statement and fashion jewelry uses tanzanite as a doorway to color. Multi stone pieces – most often with diamonds – are tanzanite’s claim to fame in this department. The sparkling blue sets off the clear grey and gives an air of regal and majestic poise. All you have to do is add a touch of vintage style or some contemporary metal elements and you have yourself the perfect statement jewelry to impress your colleagues.

Ladies, this is your time to shine and all you men out there – go get her something blue!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

How To Create Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet

One of the rarest and most exclusive stones known to man, the blue tanzanite is an ideal addition to any woman’scollection of jewelry. Ever considered designing a tanzanite or tanzanite and diamond bracelet for yourself? They are chic and classy, giving you just a hint of sparkle along with that formal style statement which is so much in fashion in today’s times.
4.00 Carat Oval Bracelet studded in 14k White Gold
Here are a few guidelines on how to go about creating your own personalized tennis bracelets, allowing you to choose metal, setting, stone cut and sequence – tailor-made to fit your style!
Start by knowing your metals. Once you set yourself a budget, it is rather easy to choose. You have gold, rose gold and white gold; where in, the former two are hardy metals but have a tint, whereas the last is white but may tarnish with regular use. There are palladium and platinum which are higher end in both quality and cost, but palladium is too hard to resize and platinum may scratch easy. The last is sterling silver, a silver alloy which is perfect for budget jewelry – but steer clear away from it if you happen to have sensitive skin!
Each metal has its pros and cons, so choose wisely depending on your need.
Next is the stone itself. Assure a reasonable grade of clarity and color according to your budget and setting, but when it comes to cut and size you must do your research. If you have narrow wrists and long fingers go for a style that will give your hand volume – round or oval cut tanzanite, but if you have sizable hands and wrists go for an emerald or princess cut, or even a slightly elongated link pattern.
Last and more important is the setting itself. You have a lot to choose from, starting from the simple pronged settings where all the focus is on the gem, bezel and channel where the metal subtly complements the stone or link and block where equal weightage is given to metal and stone.
Round Bracelet Yellow Gold
If you are choosing to use only tanzanite then a tanzanite bracelet in white gold is idyllic, but if you prefer using yellow gold then a gold diamond tennis bracelet with tanzanite will balance the contrast between the blue and the yellow.
The real fun starts when you choose a bracelet with links – metal sculpted in various shapes in between the stones. There are spiral links where the metal is curved, chain links, box setting where lines of simple square tanzanite set with prongs are broken with cubes of metal and art deco links with elaborate metal work.
You must know what you want to wear it for – regular use or special occasions. This usually gives you a fair idea of what the style and setting should be – simple prongs or bezel for everyday wear is ideal, but if you are looking for something that is elaborate and makes a statement then you could go for one with elaborate link designs, halos or varied stones.
Be it a day at work or a night out in town, create your own tanzanite tennis bracelet to suit your style and make a sparkling statement!