Thursday, 19 December 2013

Tanzanite is the Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

Tanzanite jewelry has becomes so popular in the recent times that one would not have imagined. And there are many reasons to it. If you are looking to buy a beautiful gift for your loved ones, there could be no better gift than the Tanzanite jewelry. What does someone really look for when they get a gift? It has to be beautiful. It has to make them feel special. And above all it has to express your love for them. All these things are so beautifully characterized by a Tanzanite jewel. It could be a ring, a pendant, an earring, or any other form. The sheer luster and brightness of this precious stone are enough to brighten the eyes of your loved ones and they would keep it with them forever. 

Tanzanite Ring

What is special about it?

Tanzanite, which was discovered around 45 years back, is a rare jewel, far rarer than one might expect. In fact it is thousand times rarer than diamond. This is due to the fact that it is only found in Tanzania and nowhere else. This is also one reason that once it has been exhausted, it would not be found again, which increases its value. Therefore, it is one of the rarest gems found in this world. But the important thing is that how beautifully this rarity has combined itself with the fine appearance. Although Tanzanite could be found in many colors, but it is the blue colored Tanzanite which is most common and could be found in abundance compared to the other colors. The shine of this jewel catches everyone’s attention and makes you the centre of that attention. You will enjoy it if you carry it along with you.

Who should get it?

A lot of women get the Tanzanite jewelry as a birthstone. It is meant for those who are born in the month of December. The beautiful gem is the symbol of new beginnings and bestows the strength of individuality and uniqueness. Women - who are ambitious and are keen to prove themselves, usually wear the Tanzanite. That is the reason you would see it with many celebrities. It also signifies beauty with distinction. Every woman wants to look beautiful and there is no better way to look beautiful than to possess a precious gem. Tanzanite comes in a variety of colors, shapes and designs. The blue colored Tanzanite is the most popular ones and it goes with many outfits. It is a good idea to present it on special occasions which will make them memorable.

Clearly Tanzanite is a rare jewel and those who are looking to get it, should not delay their decision, else you might miss the chance. The precious gift will definitely make your loved ones fall in love with it and needless to say, they would love you for this gift. So, do not wait any more and get the best gift for your loved ones, and let them know, what they truly deserve.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tanzanite Bracelet - True Beauty for Your Wrist

Blue the symbol of endlessness & eternity is well reflected when shimmers on the wrist of the giver. The divine Beauty of Tanzanite as a bracelet is made for those dignified personalities who believe in themselves & are joyous in nature that spread happiness with their appearance itself. Hands have their own beautiful decorum; they play an essential role in one’s body-language, therefore the tie up for wrist needs to be very righteous. And hence the Tanzanite Bracelets are amongst best choice so far.

Graceful combination of White Gold with shimmering Tanzanite & small Diamonds sparkling around gives a much pretty look to your beautiful appearance. The gorgeous you is stylishly enhanced with an awesome jewel which is neatly crafted for creating a unique fashion statement of yours. It’s time to flaunt your style & make a remarkable appearance amongst your near ones. Tanzanite’s astonishing beauty brings an elegant feel to the wearer & reflects your classy taste of jewel.

Nowadays modesty is also an essential part of design, the simplicity with a regal touch is more preferable in jewelry. Being in style doesn’t actually means to wear a lot of jewels & variety of them, but just one or two jewels that too classy in appearance. Thus at we try to produce a wide range of classy jewels & design them very keenly so that they reflect regal taste of the wearer. Bracelet wearing is not an ordinary trend in masses but when one follows this astonishing style it must be imperial in taste. Therefore Tanzanite Bracelet is an obvious choice for excellence lovers, time to dive into the blue depth of Tanzanite & depict your individuality in a graceful manner.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Tanzanite Combo Offers

Top Tanzanite gives you chance to celebrate this Halloween with combo of astonishing JewelryTanzanite Offers

Tanzanite Offers

Tanzanite Offers

Tanzanite Offers

Tanzanite Offers

Tanzanite Offers

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How to Choose Tanzanite Jewelry Store Online

With the release of Tanzanite has become extremely popular stone throughout the world. Most of the teenage American girls prefer tanzanite over other precious stones. Finding this stone is very easy but if you do not posses correct knowledge and information about its quality and cuts you probably be scammed by the jewelers. The best thing you can do about this is to choose your product from well reputed company which certified by GIA.
Tanzanite Ring 
Whenever you want to Buy Tanzanite Rings you can choose from online as you can find large number of products and it is very easy to find Tanzanite Jewelry Store Online. But you just need to remember the sign of GIA. There are some online stores who not only give you proper knowledge about the product but also offer wide range of products to choose from. Companies such as Top Tanzanite offer you wide range of tanzanite products at best possible available price. There you can not only check the history but also how it is manufactures from the mines in Tanzanite. That means they offer you complete learning center.
White Gold Tanzanite Ring

In the just wanted to remind you that whenever you want to buy jewelry just check all the qualities of the site and read all the details thoroughly and you should not be betrayed and your money should not be wasted in unwanted stuffs.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The True Value of Tanzanite Pendant

Pendants are the earliest form ornament. Earlier primitive men used to put a hole in a rock and string made of grass so that it could hang around the neck. A pendant is hanging piece of jewelry attached by lace, so that it be wear around the neck. This type of jewelry is known mostly used as gift for second half. Nowadays tanzanite has become first choice for most of the ladies due to its amazing colors and features. Tanzanite Pendants perfect gift for the love of your life. Whether you want to gift her for the first date or for the anniversary it is well suited for every occasion. It tricolor color nature makes it unique automatically.

Tanzanite Pendant

Let me tell you a touchy story. There was girl named as Julian, she was very rich but she fell for a guy named as James. He was a commander-in-chief of Squadron of battleship and was not wealthy as she was. One day Julian ask James to marry her but James refused the proposal by saying that he doesn’t earn enough and unable to take care of her with the same high-life. But Julie was adamant and knew that even James loves very much. James told her that if he would be able to buy her a wonderful then only he will marry her. After few months and so much of trouble James purchased a wonderful Tanzanite Oval Pendant and put that necklace to his lady love Julian. Within few days they were married. He loved her as if tow souls has finally found each other and had become one. Julian closed her eyes and thought everything was perfect. She wanted to live in a world where no war existed, so that her husband doesn’t have to leave her alone for fighting in wars and never wanted him to go for war. Wars raged on lands, sea and air. That means James has to go.

It had been two months since James has left the home and here for Julian loneliness without him was unfathomable. She loved him very much that every now & then she opens the door and look for James. Finally the day arrived she had a letter saying that James is returning. She was eager to see and wanted to kill her loneliness badly. The day comes she was ready and get ready for her husband and thinks that she will have enormous fun now as finally James is arriving.

All about the Tanzanite Gemstone

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tanzanite Gemstone Jewelry-Best Choice for Every Occasion

Tanzanite is the finest treasure found in 20th century in African country known as Tanzania. In the year 1967 Masai tribesman was walking through the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and saw some stone which was shining like anything. Later in the year this tribe presented this to Tiffany and co. who later on gifted this to the world and named it after its country origin. So in the year 1968 it was known to the whole world. With the discovery of this stone everybody was stunned to see the charisma of tanzanite. It has tricolor effect which means it will give you three different colors when seen in different environment or light.

Tanzanite Loose Stones
Price: $1680.00

Tanzanite Gemstone
Price: $1914.50
It rarity makes it unique in itself. Tanzanite Loose stones have become very popular as it found only in one part of the world. The value of stone has been tripled after 2002, which clearly explains its popularity amongst people. Remember the rule of Demand and supply, demand of stone is increasing every day but it’s not possible to fulfill that demand. Tanzanite Gemstone Jewelry is very popular gift now days. Every girl wishes to be proposed in unique manner or with unique ring and it is definitely a unique one in its own way. According to the scientists it will last till next 20-30 years more. So definitely there is going to be huge rise in the price of this gemstone. Remember “tickle me Elmo” when 29 $ doll was sold at 1500$ even though the demand was not fulfilled and even one of the guard of the stores was almost killed.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tantalizing Tanzanite Gemstone

Tanzanite a rare and one of the most beautiful gemstone ever, experts have already give the prediction that soon the mines of Tanzanite is going to be empty and the estimated for this will come around 20-30 years later than this stone can only be inherited. Due to reason it is found only in place named as Tanzania known for Mount Kilimanjaro one of the best tourist destinations of the earth. That makes this gemstone rare and its tricolor effect makes it unique. It stone gives you different colors in different light. But the original color of the gemstone is bluish green with hues of purple. It has remarkably strong trichorism.
Marquise Tanzanite Loose Stones
3.79 TCW Carat Marquise Tanzanite

Price: $2598.00

Oval Tanzanite Stones
3.80 TCW Carat Oval Tanzanite

Price: $2903.00

The demand of Tanzanite is increasing every day as it is the best gift for your love if combined with diamond. When the brightness of Diamond is combined with Trichorism of Tanzanite it gives something unidentifiable. People have started Buying Tanzanite Loose Stones so that they can give this is unique and rare gemstone to their upcoming generations. It is hot favorite for December born as it is a Birthstone for December born people. After the release of Titanic the market value of tanzanite has reached heights. We all know whatever is rare is also fascinating. It comes up true with this gemstone. Tanzanite Gemstone has become first choice for teenage girls because it gives them more sparkling looks.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Origin of Tanzanite with its incomparable Characteristics

Tanzanite is found only in the mines of North Tanzania. It is an off beaten path mineral that gives off a dynamite tinge with the cast of purple. However it comes in other colors such as brownish yellow or purple.

Tanzanite is basically a new gemstone, found in 1967. It is said that Masai tribesmen were bush walking through the grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro and came across a stone that was hitting them with its lighting. The mineral was Zoisite and it was a beautiful deep blue with hue of purple. Later on the mineral was named as Tanzanite with the help of Tiffany’s and Co. since then it has got esteemed place in the jewelry market. It is marketed as a gift to a mother with a newly born child because Masai people believe that it brings life.

Yellow Gold Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite is basically a new gemstone, found in 1967. It is said that Masai tribesmen were bush walking through the grandeur of Mount Kilimanjaro and came across a stone that was hitting them with its lighting. The mineral was Zoisite and it was a beautiful deep blue with hue of purple. Later on the mineral was named as Tanzanite with the help of Tiffany’s and Co. since then it has got esteemed place in the jewelry market. It is marketed as a gift to a mother with a newly born child because Masai people believe that it brings life.

Created By Fire and Earth

The reality is that it is an anatomy of Zoisite and originally it is dull greyish brown in color which is heated at 500 degrees centigrade release its unrivalled natural beauty. It always required heat treatment that’s why it was never discovered. Until natuMassai tribesman heated the rough Zoisite and the stone we know as tanzanite came into existence.

It was demonstrated to Tiffany & Co. and shown to the world in 1969 after two years of its discovery. It was named as a tribute to the country and reflects the beauty of Tanzanian night.

Tanzanite Gold Rings

Beautiful as Sapphire

Due to late discovery and far-fetched characteristics it is the only stone to get its name in the official birthstone list by American Gem Society and now has become birthstone for December born accompanying Turquoise and Zircon. The main reason for its rarity is that it is frequently broken during digging up and cutting process makes it difficult to get out of the ground in big pieces. The stone is very fragile that’s why you have to very gentle to this unusual gem.

Hardness and Durability

It is not very hard when compared when compared with Diamond at 10.0, sapphire at 9.0. This beautiful Gemstone has a hardness of 6.5 which requires more care, so ultrasonic cleansers need to be avoided. Though it is quite durable but still need to take care that it should not be bumped or knocked sharply. 

White Gold Tanzanite Ring

Harder and harder to find

The price of this unique gemstone is rising very often due to the discrimination in the ratio of supply and demand. In the year 1997, with the release of Titanic, the gemstone was lifted to all time high. The movie was starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio as the ill-fated lovers of famous ship ruined in its maiden voyage. Kate Winslet put on heart shaped tanzanite pendant with encircled diamonds named as “Heart of the ocean”.

Whenever we are making purchase, it has always been a nerve-racking that is it going to be good deal or who to buy from. The best place to buy tanzanite jewelry is online because it gives us chance to money back guarantee with genuine stone. is booming like anything in the online market for tanzanite jewelry. They offer finest cut Tanzanite Loose stones and adorable Tanzanite Rings for your love one.

When you are looking to buy best quality tanzanite, you choose to buy from online. E-shopping gives you a chance to buy from largest collection and even you can compare the prices. Sometimes many e-stores offer Amazing Discounts on the purchase with free home delivery.

Tanzanite Video

Take a look and grab some important and useful information about this Stunning and stylish gems stone Tanzanite.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Tanzanite Loose Stones - Inherited Treasure In Future

Gemstones give the extreme joy to women when it is gifted as a loose stone or blend with any form of jewelry. They are one of the nature’s best creations. There are number of people who buy gemstones out of them only few knows the importance of having loose stones. There are many stones such as sapphires, diamonds, ruby, emeralds, topaz, coral, tanzanite, opal, pearl etc when embellished represent class and elegance. Out of them tanzanite will soon be something which can only be inherited. Tanzanite Loose Stones mined from only one part of the world and it is also the fact that these mines will close someday.

Tanzanite Stones 

According to the expert predictions, these mines will be empty in next 20-30 years and will be closed forever. The supply is already facing trouble in meeting demands, because the owners of the mines aren’t able to fulfill these demands. Almost every gemstone dealer is aware of the fact that this stone will run out and that is also the major reason why most of the people are Buying tanzanite loose stones because the future value of Tanzanite Jewelry is going to take drastic turn. The demand for this stone is increasing every day while supply is becoming limited day by day. Remember the crisis occurred due to tickle me Elmo. $29 toys were selling for $1500. Even employees are injured. Imagine how the value of the stone accrues when the supply runs out.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rarity and Specialty of Tanzanite Jewelry

Whatever is rare is also fascinating. Tanzanite is a great gemstone that gets overlooked at lot. This most beautiful violet stone is sought after not only for beauty but also for rarity. This cannot be found anywhere except Tanzania. It has got much admiration from jewelry lovers within few years across the globe.  It is also known as gemstone of 20th century and discovered only recently, and has become hot favorite. This stone features an unusual coloration that is subject to change on the angle at which it is perceived and the condition of the light under which it is evaluated.

Tanzanite studs

Engagement rings

Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite Pendants


The world’s largest stone of this kind is the “Queen of Kilimanjaro” which is set Tiara on display at the Royal Ontario museum at Toronto. Tanzanite Jewelry is produced using various different methods. Most of it is mass manufactured. The cutting centres for the stone is located in India and Thailand due to cheap labor cost. It is considered the Birthstone for December born because it is linked to Capricorns and Sagittarians, and is believed to make them confident and sophisticated personality. It is a soft stone which can be easily transformed into ornaments. Its sparkling brilliance can bring smile on the face so it can be good idea to gift that to your close ones. As it is very rare, people often fail to gauge its cost and end up paying higher price or buy a simulated stone. To avoid this you need to grab more information about this, which can be done online.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Types of Tanzanite Cuts Available in the Market

Tanzanite is one of the most beautiful gemstone available and is major commercial player in the market due to its non-profit subsidiary. The primary and the secondary hues in the stone are blue and purple, not violet. Purple is modified and lies halfway between red and blue. The Gemstone is available in following shapes: -

Pear Cut: - Pear cut looks great in every jewelry application. Due to the popularity of this shape it is easily available in the market. If you see what you like then do not delay in picking it up.
Pear Tanzanite

Cushion Cut: - Cushion Cut Tanzanite is one of the most popular shapes available in the market today. Gemstone from this section sells quickly and if you wish to get accordingly then you can place custom order as well.
Cushion Cut Shape Tanzanite
Oval Cut: - It is most popular colored gemstone shape in the history. There is a high demand for Oval Cut and are readily available.
Oval Shape Tanzanite
Round Cut: - A well round cut Tanzanite is simply a sight to behold in natural light. It seems as though you can see into the stone forever. Great for all applications, round is an industry standard offering and are readily available in the market.
Round Shape Tanzanite
Emerald Cut: - Emerald Cut Tanzanite is more than beautification because it makes a very strong style statement. It is best suited for all life occasions and your personal celebrations. It gives something extraordinary if it is used with diamond.
Emerald Cut Tanzanite

Trillion Cut: - of the more contemporary designs available, this cut has become the sweet heart of the industry. If it is designed well, then this shape generally shows the best color and brilliance when compared to all other shapes.
Trillion cut Shape Tanzanite

If you wish to know about this unique gemstone then you can check this out Tanzanite Diamond Jewelry.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Tanzanite Engagement Rings - Your All-In-One Guide for obtaining the foremost From Your Jewelry assortment

Sometimes, the simplest thanks to purchase Tanzanite Engagement Rings is to let her choose one amongst the various diamond engagement rings by herself. You may make sure that she likes it which it suits her lifestyle. However, you won’t be ready to surprise her magical moment can disappear. It’ll be lots higher if you are doing the looking on your own and propose to her once she least expects it. If you recognize what you’re doing, you'll be able to purchase a diamond ring she is going to love diamond wedding anniversary rings.

Pay further attention to details

If you would like to grasp what she likes once it involves Jewelry, you must attention to each detail and also the items of Jewelry she wears at the instant. Attention to the metal’s color, Most of the ladies like one metal color over the opposite. If you notice that she wears Pt or metal, don't even suppose obtaining her a hoop with yellow gold setting. If you notice that she likes Pt, take a decent look into the Pt engagement rings. You must attention to the fashion additionally. She could like to wear vintage rings or modern rings with daring styling. Lots of girls like the classic vogue, which implies that you simply ought to get her a hoop that may ne'erquit of fashion. You’ll be able to guess her style by checking the Jewelry things she wears perpetually. If she wears a bit of Jewelry all the time, it means she is comfy with it. Engagement rings ought to be comfortable Engagement Rings.

Looking for rings for engagement are often terribly exhausting if you are doing not grasp what your lady likes. So as to seek out out what she likes and dislikes, you must attention to the hints. She could have mentioned one thing regarding her favorite vogue or commented however she likes sure diamond rings after you 2 were go on a spree along. If a number of her friends area unit engaged, hear what she should say regarding their rings. Perhaps she doesn't like diamonds in the slightest degree. Therein case, you ought to decide for rubies, sapphires or another crystal which will be set in associate degree ring. Birthstones are an excellent choice as well.. Have in mind that the ring ought to be distinctive and it ought to represent your love diamond rings.

Select the correct ring for your partner

In order to decide on the correct ring, you've got to decide on the correct ring form. The round shape form of a diamond is that the most well-liked shape, however that doesn't mean that the love of your life can adore it. There are several different shapes; and perhaps she likes blue blood cut diamond rings. The blue blood cut diamond engagement rings are very talked-about additionally. You’ve got to make sure regarding the form of the diamond as a result of there are many various shapes like pear, emerald, square, oval or marquise. If you would like one thing fancy, you'll be able to even get a heart formed diamond ring.

If you wish to know about this unique gemstone then you can check this out Tanzanite Diamond Ring.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tanzanite birthstone – Hot favorite for December borns

December is one of the most attractive as well as momentous month in the calendar. For those with a December birthday, a birthstone is the best choice for a gift; Birthstones are precious stones which are associated with one’s birth date with centuries. Birthstones have been of prime significance since olden times in an individual’s life. Each month has its unique birthstones so is the December. Birthstones can be classified in four parts like traditional, modern, ayurvedic and mystical birthstones and each birthstone has its values.

Nowadays birthstones are gaining popularity in modern traditions. However in United States there is no sole gemstone for a particular month. In fact there are several birthstones for a single month. So choosing the Tanzanite Birthstone can be bit complex. Tanzanite which is supposed to be worn by people who are born in month of December usually wear it. It brings good luck to the one who is wearing as it is related with ancient healing powers.. Although the selection of stone differs from culture to culture, you can be confident about good fortune and strength. Some consider that these stones have powers.

Tanzanite is also the anniversary stone which signifies the 24th year of wedding ceremony. December birthstones are not limited to Tanzanite but various other gems like Turquoise, lapis, ruby and Onyx also can be wore by them. It is mostly common amongst men and women. You can wear it in the form of rings, earrings, necklace and much more. When you gift this precious stone to someone, you not only gift the stone but the love with sentimental values attached with it. This stone is available in many striking cuts and designs complementing the exquisiteness of these stones. Before purchasing it be sure to know more on these gemstones so that you can get the pure stone.

Tanzanite is one of the most coveted, rare and unique gemstone. When Tanzanite is worn in pure form it possesses therapeutic powers. Bering a birthstone for December borns, it is also related to Sagittarians and Capricorns. While shopping for your right gemstone make sure you grab the real thing as there are many categories of gemstones available in the market. Tanzanite became an official “December birthstone” in October 2002 however the first version was released in 1912.