Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Why to Choose Tanzanite Rings Over Diamond Rings

Tanzanite Rings

Joviality has a new definition these days, rarest & very unique are in priority. Each one needs to be a little different & mark own identity in an endless crowd. So with changing phase of trend, jewel also needs be amended, here with Tanzanite’s beauty be distinguished from those ordinary wears.
Diamond has a very stylish approach & is available in vastness throughout the world, but on the contrary Tanzanite is very rarest, has a very unique hue, found only at a single place. Well this is not the single reason to buy this majestic gem, it is significant that Tanzanite has gained a tremendous demand in gem’s world in no time. All the major dealers of gem are peeping into Tanzanite circulations & are keen in investing due to its raising demand all over the quality lovers. Foothills of Kilimanjaro has got the ultimate treasure of this planet, the discovery of Tanzanite has made this excavation a happening place for gemology. The unmatched beauty of mauve-bluish gem has fascinated the jewel market.
Moreover the Tanzanite has been recognized as an ultimate discovery & declared to be December Birthstone in less than 50 years. For any gemstone this is very short interlude to reach the pinnacle of popularity, not even Diamond did that. One can be confident while buying the Tanzanite Rings over Diamond & proving the classy taste of jewels. We at toptanzanite.com provide you the best excavations with variety of Tanzanite Rings. The rarest gem of planet needs an extra care while grooming it to the final shape & form, & thus we assure the best at an affordable price.
For those special moments which will not repeat themselves in this life, Tanzanite Ring is the best choice for you. Express the amazing feeling of love in a regal way.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Tanzanite Foundation closing in NYC

The New York City–based Tanzanite Foundation will cease operations on Aug. 31.

Tanzanite Foundation executive director Hayley Henning confirmed to JCK this week that the 11-year-old promotional agency for tanzanite will close at the end of August.

Formed by miner TanzaniteOne, the nonprofit foundation has served all ethical and socially responsible operators and partners in the tanzanite industry, helping to implement standardized methods of practice and conduct and deliver ethically sourced stones to market.

The decision to close was based on economics—tanzanite’s prices have been at all-time lows—as well as poor production, repeated problems with illegal miners and theft, and other factors.

 “The Tanzanite Foundation was a pioneer in the gem industry by being the first colored gemstone specific marketing agency, encouraging more designers to work with tanzanite,” explains Henning, who has served the agency for seven years.

“Tanzanite is one of the world’s most precious and exotic gems, and despite being a small operation, I’m proud of our accomplishments—not only in promoting tanzanite, but in the social responsibility arena where we’ve made a huge difference to the lives of the local community outside the tanzanite mining area.

” The Tanzanite Foundation has aided countless Tanzanians by raising money to build two schools, an orphanage, and a clinic, as well as providing job opportunities.

 References - http://bit.ly/YD6FE1

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Accelerate your beauty with tanzanite stone jewelry

tanzanite stone

Market trends and consumer inclinations both point towards the same conclusion – colored stones are back in the game and are giving steady competition to the much loved diamonds. What’s more? Even the so-called precious colored gems – sapphires, rubies and emeralds – are now facing stiff competition from other colored quartz’, topaz, peridots etc. Fashion jewelry calls for a constant change and dynamism in style and appearance and that is what it is getting from the wide variety of crystals now available in the market.

On the top of this gradually changing trend is the tanzanite gemstone. Exhibiting astounding beauty in color and clarity, tanzanites are amongst the rarest stones in the world. After its recent advent into the gemstone market, tanzanite has made itself a place in both statement and daily wear jewels, with a rapid entry in the fashion jewel lines of jewel stores and designers.

In the top two most loved colored gems in all of the United States of America, tanzanite jewelry is just what every woman’s wardrobe needs to accelerate her appearance and style! Not only is it a hue of such royal blue which is unmatched in the other gems available, but it also displays flashes of violet and crimson because of its pleochroic properties – all of this at surprisingly reasonable prices when compared to sapphires.

You name it and tanzanite jewelry has entered jewel displays as a part of that jewel category – studs, drop earrings, chandeliers, rings, pendants, tennis bracelets and more! Fashion with tanzanite is a part of every latest trend.
Stud earrings and rings are at the top of the graph, with the oval cut tanzanite featuring in both equally. As a rough stone tanzanite isn’t available in large sizes so it happens to work better in jewels that require smaller carat gems. Tanzanite studs can be carried off by everyone, they work charmingly in every occasion and are both minimalist and classy.

tanzanite ring

Tanzanite rings are not only a part of the daily wear sections of displays – no, they have flooded to the wedding jewel categories as well! Every bride wants to be the center of attention on her wedding day in the most unique and striking way possible. What is better than giving her that combination of chic style and glamor through her wedding band itself! Blue gems encrusted in an eternity wedding band symbolizesperpetual love, new beginnings and with all this they can be worn on your finger for the rest of your life without you worrying about if they match your outfits! That’s the beauty of tanzanite blue – it flatters and enhances every ensemble without coming in the way.

Statement and fashion jewelry uses tanzanite as a doorway to color. Multi stone pieces – most often with diamonds – are tanzanite’s claim to fame in this department. The sparkling blue sets off the clear grey and gives an air of regal and majestic poise. All you have to do is add a touch of vintage style or some contemporary metal elements and you have yourself the perfect statement jewelry to impress your colleagues.

Ladies, this is your time to shine and all you men out there – go get her something blue!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

How To Create Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet

One of the rarest and most exclusive stones known to man, the blue tanzanite is an ideal addition to any woman’scollection of jewelry. Ever considered designing a tanzanite or tanzanite and diamond bracelet for yourself? They are chic and classy, giving you just a hint of sparkle along with that formal style statement which is so much in fashion in today’s times.
4.00 Carat Oval Bracelet studded in 14k White Gold
Here are a few guidelines on how to go about creating your own personalized tennis bracelets, allowing you to choose metal, setting, stone cut and sequence – tailor-made to fit your style!
Start by knowing your metals. Once you set yourself a budget, it is rather easy to choose. You have gold, rose gold and white gold; where in, the former two are hardy metals but have a tint, whereas the last is white but may tarnish with regular use. There are palladium and platinum which are higher end in both quality and cost, but palladium is too hard to resize and platinum may scratch easy. The last is sterling silver, a silver alloy which is perfect for budget jewelry – but steer clear away from it if you happen to have sensitive skin!
Each metal has its pros and cons, so choose wisely depending on your need.
Next is the stone itself. Assure a reasonable grade of clarity and color according to your budget and setting, but when it comes to cut and size you must do your research. If you have narrow wrists and long fingers go for a style that will give your hand volume – round or oval cut tanzanite, but if you have sizable hands and wrists go for an emerald or princess cut, or even a slightly elongated link pattern.
Last and more important is the setting itself. You have a lot to choose from, starting from the simple pronged settings where all the focus is on the gem, bezel and channel where the metal subtly complements the stone or link and block where equal weightage is given to metal and stone.
Round Bracelet Yellow Gold
If you are choosing to use only tanzanite then a tanzanite bracelet in white gold is idyllic, but if you prefer using yellow gold then a gold diamond tennis bracelet with tanzanite will balance the contrast between the blue and the yellow.
The real fun starts when you choose a bracelet with links – metal sculpted in various shapes in between the stones. There are spiral links where the metal is curved, chain links, box setting where lines of simple square tanzanite set with prongs are broken with cubes of metal and art deco links with elaborate metal work.
You must know what you want to wear it for – regular use or special occasions. This usually gives you a fair idea of what the style and setting should be – simple prongs or bezel for everyday wear is ideal, but if you are looking for something that is elaborate and makes a statement then you could go for one with elaborate link designs, halos or varied stones.
Be it a day at work or a night out in town, create your own tanzanite tennis bracelet to suit your style and make a sparkling statement!

Reference:- http://www.tanzaniteprice.com/how-to/create-tanzanite-tennis-bracelet/

Monday, 21 July 2014

10 Quick Tips About Diamonds

Diamonds are and will always be a perfect option to attract woman. Its alluring shine is enough to dazzle the viewers and let them praise it. The market for diamonds have been on a constant rise. But, it is better to buy them carefully as fake diamonds are also seen scattered around the market to dupe you. Below are 10 quick tips about diamonds that will give insight into the real world of diamond shopping.


1. Looking for an exotic diamond shape is essential because of its quality level. And if it is decorated with smaller gemstones or diamonds around them; then, the beauty gets doubled. Some of the most famous ones are Marquise, Asscher, Princess, Emerald shape, and even rounds. Indeed, the shape is quite important as it decides the overall look of a jewelry piece.

2. Another important aspect of diamond buying is paying attention to its cuts. The more cuts a diamond will have, the
higher quality it is. This is the reason that GIA cut grading scale is getting essential to measure the quality. One should always go for diamonds that are rated very good or excellent on this scale. After all, you would be investing in such beautiful stones and should have better quality ones.

3. An important part of 10 quick tips about diamonds is taking certification for these stones. A diamond jewelry accompanied with a certificate is always considered authentic. Indeed, they will have description about the exact weight of diamonds and their clarity level. This will give you an idea about the authenticity of the price charged for that jewelry piece.

4. The color of a diamond matters a lot as it affects the overall appeal of the jewelry. In this category, D is the most flawless and white colored diamond that dazzles look magnificent. On the other hand E and F are also in whitish tone as seen with naked eyes. While, the G to H color has tints of yellow that are not visible much and I to J will always have yellowish appeal. It is always better to know about diamonds before buying as you may not get trapped by jewelers and pay more for a lesser quality diamond.

5. The weight of the diamond matters a lot as it decides the price. It is important to have a complete detail about the carat weight of the diamond as it will give an idea about the rates that have been charged for it.

6. Now, clarity is another thing has marked the reputation of this exotic gemstone. It is better to have diamonds that are measured as VS or VVS on the clarity scale because they are known to be brilliant creations.

7. If you have the perfect diamond and do not get a creative design that represents modern trends; then, having them will not reap any benefit. The setting of the diamond is equally important as compared with its clarity level. Certainly, designs should be like this that they fetch appreciation.

8. Having a diamond with an 8 heart and arrow patterns is like having an ideal masterpiece. On seeing them through the lens from above, you can identify 8 arrows; while, checking them from down, you can identify 8 hearts. This kind of diamond is being cut with much finesse and is the best among all in the market.

9. The associated metal used in supporting diamond also matters a lot because its strength of holding diamonds decides the length of fixed pieces. However, these beautiful gemstones are best suited for gold of 14karat and 18karat. Apart from this, they can also be used in platinum, which is stronger than gold.
Buying a diamond jewelry is a passion for woman as it enhances their overall looks. The fascination level is so much that one might skip the chance of accessing an authentic jeweler. With the availability of fake diamonds in the market, it is necessary to go for a reputed jeweler’s holding certificate of registration from a well know association.

10. It is the most precious stone that has managed to carve a niche for itself in the jewelry market. From its origin around Godavari, Krishna, and Penner rivers in India around 6000 years back, it has been cut and polished for modifying to different shapes. With rich history of diamonds, giving it as a gift is the best option for people.

Source: http://www.toptanzanite.com/


Tanzanite has become one of the most coveted precious gemstone in a very short span of time. It is very much popular in Earrings as the Tanzanite Yellow Gold Earrings & Tanzanite Earrings White Gold. The fact that it is found only at one place in the world makes it exclusive and precious.

Tanzanite has become one of the most popular gems in the market place. In fact, it is now the most popular gemstone after the “big four,” which consists of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. At first, the Tanzanite Yellow Gold Earrings was only available in smaller sizes, but now much bigger sizes are sold. Tanzanite Earrings White Gold is far less expensive than sapphire, for which it often serves as a substitute.

Tanzanite Earrings White Gold

Tanzanite Earrings White Gold is a young gemstone in comparison to others in the market Earrings as advanced and westernized mining operations have changed the tanzanite business now a days.

This rare and unique lustrous Violetish blue gemstone has made its mark in the gemstone world since the time of its arrival. The reasons to buy a stunning Tanzanite Earrings White Gold can be many- rarity, uniqueness, color, and spiritual and healing properties. This gemstone took the gem world by storm and continues to do so even in present times. You can find a wide range in both the quality and size of stones. No woman can escape the charm exuded by a tantalizing Tanzanite Yellow Gold Earrings.

Tanzanite Yellow Gold Earrings
Tanzanite Yellow Gold Earrings are assumed to be heat treated and the color is stable (Violetish Blue). Tanzanite Earrings White Gold can be easily available in many shape such as Cushion, Emerald Cut, Oval, Pear, Round, Trillion. The Tanzanite Earrings White Gold Originated from Tanzania & belongs to Zoisite Group.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Why We Love rings and You Should Too

1.00 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

Something that holds your finger in a stylish manner is always appreciated. This is nothing; but, a designer ring that looks wonderful. It is a piece of ornament that creates a magical feeling in the heart of the wearer. The rings are preferred because of their capability of beautifying your hands. They are available in numerous designs that allow buyers to select them as per requirements. Indeed, the jewelry market has a special place for rings because they do not require occasion for exhibiting exotic designs. Though, some are pointed as meant for special functions like that of engagement rings. These rings are exotic in appeal and have large gemstones surrounded by smaller ones. Ideally, you will find tanzanite, emerald, ruby, sapphire, and solitaire diamond used for designing some of the most beautiful designs. This is why we love rings and you should too. Indeed, engagement is a special occasion that requires the best piece of ring for your better half. So, the design matters a lot. It is excellent to get a trendy ring overlapped with ethnicity for creating an aura.

  0.30 Carat Round Tanzanite Ring in 14k Yellow Gold

The rings are an important part of jewelry that brings smile on the face of a wearer. Each and every rings speaks of different feelings to the person it has been gifted. Talking about engagement ones, it is the best example of eternal love for each other. This kind of ring is designed ethnically with a touch of classiness. Generally, such designs are unique and uses best quality gemstones for enhancing their beauty. On the other hand, rings that have to be gifted on valentines days are designed in a modernistic approach. They make use of smaller gemstones or diamonds in artistic designs to allow them for impressing their lady loves. This is the reason why we love rings and you should too. Such piece of jewellery are liked for their affordability and exotic beauty. It depends on the choice that works towards strengthening relationships between the love birds.

0.22 Carat Oval Tanzanite Ring in 14k White Gold

In the category of rings, you can check out couple rings that are meant for people in true love or have been married. It is the best gift as design of the rings are exactly same and bear initials of the couples. Indeed, some of the couple rings also bear “I love you” on the inner side of the ring base. These types of rings are reasonably priced; depending on the kind and size of gemstone used in it. There are various reason as to why we love rings and you should too. It is because they are available in uncountable designs and are considered optimum for gifting purpose. Apart from these occasions, you can also gift a ring to your beloved wife on anniversary. Indeed, anniversary is the time that you love each other more than the past year and promise to be together always. So, a diamond ring is suitable for stamping your true love. The rings are an important part of jewelry masterpieces. With the developing technology and artistry, jewelry designers are coming up with newer designs that are enough to impress anyone. It is necessary to get the best product from reputable jeweller because of the presence of certain jewelers, which might dupe you with fake diamonds or gemstones. After all, you would be paying specified amount out of your pocket to buy a gift and it should be authentic to maintain the integrity level of your feelings.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Why Are Emerald Engagement Rings So Special

Emerald Engagement Ring
  Of the four precious gems known to man – diamond, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, the last is the softest, hence often worn with diamonds to balance strength. Nevertheless, the emerald is considered more valuable when compared carat for carat with diamonds.

This infamous variety of beryl which is a vibrant verdant in color, is an all season stone which can brighten your mood is the deadest of winters. Associated closely with prosperity, harmonious living and balance, May’s birthstone has become a frequent visitor of the red carpet.

Interestingly, along with its associations with royalty and glamour, emerald has recently been a favorite of bridal jewelry – especially engagement rings. Its fresh new look as compared to the diamond, as well as its timeless color that makes you feel like spring is right around the corner adds the most interesting twist to the otherwise stately stone.

Emerald engagement rings of mainly two types exist – one where the gem replaces the diamond as the central solitaire and another where the solitaire diamond is retained, but is encircled by a ring of round or trillion cut emeralds, giving a gorgeous combination of grey and green, each complementing the other.

Emerald center stone rings are often flanked by smaller diamonds on either side – either a three stone or a five stone setting. The refreshing new look of emeralds worn by a bride-to-be, instead of the diamond that the industry has so successfully marketed as the wedding stone is one that most of us cherish. Adorned by celebrities like Halle Berry with style and confidence, emerald engagement rings have become a new age fashion statement.

 Stone Ring

The side stone ring is one that was a part of fashion in the early 1900’s, particularly the style with a central round cut diamond surrounded by a halo of emeralds. An addition of a second precious gem to the wedding bands gives you even more design options and combinations, adding color to your choice in style and setting.

Like all other gems, emeralds also have a deeper meaning – in specific emerald engagement rings. They are closely bound to the belief of loyalty, adoration and true love – many even believing that its changing color can warn you when your spouse is unfaithful and faltering.

The root of the meaning of emerald is ‘the green of growing things’, symbolizing a love that not only will last forever, but will continue to grow and strengthen as time passes. This precious stone has its ancestries in ancient cultures dating back to 4000 BC.

Its extraordinary representation of all things lovely is supplement by it being the sacred stone of Goddess Venus, and a metaphor for the preservation of love and hope alike.

Christened as the official color of 2013, though emerald seems to be a new trend in the market and in the hearts of buyers, its charm dates back to the times of Kennedy, who proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier with a 2.84 carat emerald ring. From it being Cleopatra’s favorite gem all the way to it reaching Hollywood through Zoe Saldana and Olivia Wilde, the emerald has marked its territory.

Believe what you want, but which ever page of the book you turn to, all fingers point towards the emerald as a special stone to present to the one you love!

Story Source: http://www.toptanzanite.com/blog/emerald-engagement-rings-special/