Thursday, 8 August 2013

Rarity and Specialty of Tanzanite Jewelry

Whatever is rare is also fascinating. Tanzanite is a great gemstone that gets overlooked at lot. This most beautiful violet stone is sought after not only for beauty but also for rarity. This cannot be found anywhere except Tanzania. It has got much admiration from jewelry lovers within few years across the globe.  It is also known as gemstone of 20th century and discovered only recently, and has become hot favorite. This stone features an unusual coloration that is subject to change on the angle at which it is perceived and the condition of the light under which it is evaluated.

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The world’s largest stone of this kind is the “Queen of Kilimanjaro” which is set Tiara on display at the Royal Ontario museum at Toronto. Tanzanite Jewelry is produced using various different methods. Most of it is mass manufactured. The cutting centres for the stone is located in India and Thailand due to cheap labor cost. It is considered the Birthstone for December born because it is linked to Capricorns and Sagittarians, and is believed to make them confident and sophisticated personality. It is a soft stone which can be easily transformed into ornaments. Its sparkling brilliance can bring smile on the face so it can be good idea to gift that to your close ones. As it is very rare, people often fail to gauge its cost and end up paying higher price or buy a simulated stone. To avoid this you need to grab more information about this, which can be done online.

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