Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tanzanite Gemstone Jewelry-Best Choice for Every Occasion

Tanzanite is the finest treasure found in 20th century in African country known as Tanzania. In the year 1967 Masai tribesman was walking through the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and saw some stone which was shining like anything. Later in the year this tribe presented this to Tiffany and co. who later on gifted this to the world and named it after its country origin. So in the year 1968 it was known to the whole world. With the discovery of this stone everybody was stunned to see the charisma of tanzanite. It has tricolor effect which means it will give you three different colors when seen in different environment or light.

Tanzanite Loose Stones
Price: $1680.00

Tanzanite Gemstone
Price: $1914.50
It rarity makes it unique in itself. Tanzanite Loose stones have become very popular as it found only in one part of the world. The value of stone has been tripled after 2002, which clearly explains its popularity amongst people. Remember the rule of Demand and supply, demand of stone is increasing every day but it’s not possible to fulfill that demand. Tanzanite Gemstone Jewelry is very popular gift now days. Every girl wishes to be proposed in unique manner or with unique ring and it is definitely a unique one in its own way. According to the scientists it will last till next 20-30 years more. So definitely there is going to be huge rise in the price of this gemstone. Remember “tickle me Elmo” when 29 $ doll was sold at 1500$ even though the demand was not fulfilled and even one of the guard of the stores was almost killed.

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